Frequently Asked Questions

Can we pick our own apples?

No, we do not offer pick your own apples. But we have a great variety of pre-picked apples and we invite you to make an appointment to make your own cider. It’s great fun for families and groups.

Do I need to make an appointment?

It all depends on what you want to do.  You do need an appointment for pick your own visits, and for pressing cider.  You sure don't need an appointment to come visit the minis, pick up some honey, or whatever produce is in season on the wagon!

Do you spray your plants?

We do not spray our fruit plants with pesticides.  We do spray our orchard trees with fungicides to prevent diseases but not while fruit is on the tree.

Are children allowed to pick?

Yes!  The more the merrier!  One of the reasons we don't spray our plants is to allow children to sample fruits right off the plants.

Can I bring my friends to my appointment?

Absolutely!  We just want to know approximate numbers in your group, to be prepared and to make sure there's plenty of fruit for everyone! 

Do you have picnic areas?

We do!  Feel free to enjoy your time at the farm!

Do you have restrooms?

Yes, we have a portable bathroom for customers to use.

Are there other families there while I'm there for my appointment? 

No!  You and your group or family are the only ones on the berry field during your appointment!  This gives you plenty of time to explore and look for the perfect fruits! 


Do you have another question for us?  Send it in here and we'll get back to you.

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