Welcome to Happy Valley Farm in De Soto, Kansas!

If this is your first time visiting our website, welcome!  We are a small, pick-your-own berry farm.  But we do so much more than that.  We have fruit trees, vegetables, gourds, a nursery, honey (from hives right here on the farm), press your own cider - all kinds of stuff.  Keep stopping by our produce wagon all summer and fall to get all the great stuff - from blueberries in June, to sweet corn and tomatoes, melons (and so much more) in the summer and apple cider and pumpkins in the fall.  Do you want to grow your own fruit?  Check out our nursery!

Be sure to bring your jar to the farm and fill it with honey from our tap!  This is fun and gets you the best price per pound.  We'll weigh your empty jar, you fill it up and we'll weigh it again.   Of course we have plenty of pre-bottled honey ready to go as well - get more info on our honey page.

On top of all this, we have a fun selection of other items that you can get year around at the farm, or in our online store.

Right now it's summer of 2017.  Blueberries, blackberries, gooseberries and cherries have all finished their seasons and it's almost time for grape picking. Give us a call or email to set up your picking appointment.  But be sure to stop by the wagon frequently to see all the bounty of the summer harvest from us and our friends and neighbors!

We have found that trying to do too many things causes you to not be particularly good at any of them.  So we focus on our berries and on providing an outlet for several local families to sell their specialty items.  That way, it's like a farmers market 7 days a week all in one stop.  Andy from down the street grows outstanding tomatoes - we make sure you have access to them and he has the ability to sell his extras.  Robert is particularly good at growing cucumbers, Chris has great peppers.  You get the best from all around and help support many local families all in one stop.  We focus on providing produce that is locally grown - not trucked in.  How awesome is that?    But if we find Georgia peaches, or Texas pecans... well we will get those for you too - those are a great treat.  Growers in those parts of the world produce the best.  We will always tell you exactly where our produce comes from.  Did you go to the farmers market in June and find tomatoes?  Did you wonder how they had those when no one else around this area has them?  Stop by a farm stand and find cantaloupe weeks before anyone else around has them?  Ask questions.  If you are fine with just buying normal, trucked in produce that you can get at the grocery store displayed in an outdoor venue, great!  But if you want real, locally grown produce and to support your local growers - stop by Happy Valley Farm.

If you ARE a local grower, bring us your extras - we'll give you a fair price and put them on our wagon!  Seriously, no amount too small.  You have a half a bucket of radishes?  Bring them by the farm and we'll make you an offer.  We'll put them on the wagon and brag on you!

For the most current information and updates, the best bet is to follow us on Facebook.