Spike and Patty Durkin have owned and operated Happy Valley Farm from it's beginning. They purchased the farm in June, 1996.  It had been a cattle farm previously, with cattle leases still on the land.  Cows lived on 12 acres, while the family lived on 5 acres.  The Durkins raised their three children here, and they always had an amazing vegetable garden.  The nutrient-rich soil in the valley was evident, and the plants thrived.  They planted their first berry plants in the spring of 2004, and decided they would pick all the fruit and bring any excess to the farmer's market.  Talk about back-breaking work!  The timing of keeping berries fresh for market was near-to-impossible.  They managed it  - and while at the market, many customers would reminisce at how they use to pick their own fruit when they were children.  Customers also raved at the site of such beautiful fresh fruit!  After two years of picking and selling at the farmer's market, the Durkins switched their way of thinking, and turned the farm into a Pick-Your-Own farm.  The rest, as they say, is history!