You-Pick Fruits

Every year is different - this list is approximate schedule of our growing seasons. Follow us on Facebook to get the most current information on what is reaady for picking. Follow the link on the bottom of this page to make an appointment

Blueberries - Usually starting mid to late June, and are picked for three weeks or more

Blackberries - Late July we start seeing ripe blackberries - and they are picked for all of August

Bush Cherries - June, usually coincides with blueberry picking

Gooseberries - June and July 

Grapes - August and September

Press your own cider - We do NOT offer pick your own orchard fruits, but we have plenty of fresh pre-picked apples and invite you to come to the farm and press your own apple cider from mid-September through the end of October.

Appointments are required - this way of doing things has proven to be wonderful - you or your group get the berry field to yourselves!  It also allows us to not become completely picked clean, and we schedule appointments according to how much fruit we see in the field.  Our customers have grown to love this feature of our farm.  

CLICK HERE for an appointment - it's free and easy